A ‘survey’ primarily means to collect information with the help of individual samples, so that it can help in learning the bigger picture like the market trend, consumer sentiments etc. The old paper style surveys have made way for ‘Online Surveys’. These surveys are in the form of a questionnaire that the target audience is requested to complete over the internet in a definite period of time; with the incentive of some cash prize or a reward.

These surveys are created as Web forms consisting of a database that saves the answers and a statistical software which offer the analysis. Companies undertake the exercise of online surveys to gain knowledge with regard to their customers’ tastes and opinions. These surveys fulfil the purpose of provisioning more data on customers with respect to the demographic information as well as the social data. Moreover, customers’ response could be determined at a much lower cost. So following is a list of top 10 survey sites which provide the best of services:

1. SurveyHead

SurveyHead is one of the most significant online survey sites, founded in 2008 which accepts global members. This top paid survey site was the product of a joint endeavour by the founders of goZing.com.  The aim of this site is to help the market research firms and the corporations with which it works, increase competitive intelligence. The most attractive proposition which make a person to take surveys on this site is that even if one does not qualify or fit the demographic for the current online surveys, they are rewarded with $5. It can be used to withdraw cash or secure a variety of gift codes. For each survey completed the account of the participant is credited with cash and once the amount has reached $25, it can be withdrawn via PayPal.

2. SurveySavvy

SurveySavvy was founded in the year 1999 by Luth Research. It is one of the largest online legit survey sites with more than 3 million members across the world. They have a provision of a good referral programme. Not only a participant is paid $2 for completing the survey, but also when a participant refers it to any of his friends or family members to join SurveySavvy he is rewarded with $1. The incentive for taking this survey can be the fact that each month, out of a large number of entries that do not qualify, 50 individuals are rewarded with $10 each. The payment structure of this site is via cheque and is sent within 3 to 4 weeks.

3. Spidermetrix

Spidermetrix is an online survey site based in Australia. It began to conduct its operations in the year 2000 and is a private organisation. This site has proficiency in Business, Marketing, Graphics, Technology, Psychology and Advertising. The members of this get paid for online survey site are termed as spiders and they are rewarded with spider points. For every test one agrees to do, they are rewarded with spider points. These points can be en-cashed or redeemed in the form of rewards such as vouchers, books and so on.

4. Global Test Market

It was established in 1999. It provided the people a chance to earn some money for exerting an influence on global consumer research. This site is powered by Global Market Insite. This site has a network spread in over 60 countries and most of the surveys conducted under its head are on the subjects like Movies, Consumer Products, and Restaurants etc. Each survey offers 50 to 100 market points and these points can be en-cashed once you reach a limit of 1000 points, which is equivalent to $50. This site has the record of sending the maximum number of surveys for International members.

5. My Survey

Based in U.S.A, it comprises of people who influence a variety of products and services upcoming in the market by volunteering to take part in the research. Market research helps in increasing the knowledge about what people like, need and want by taking in their views through surveys. The payment structure is on the basis of points. On taking a survey, one is rewarded with 10 points and on qualification between 200 and 2500. Once rewarded with 1000 points in the account of the participant, he can gain $10.

6. Harris Poll Online

This survey site is powered by Harris Interactive. The surveys offered are diverse in nature and on qualification, provides you with the other surveys instantly. On completing every survey the participant is rewarded with Hlpoints (sm), with a minimum of 30 points per survey. This is the best paid survey site which pays in huge amounts ranging from $50 to $1000.

7. Planet Pulse

It is one of the largest online survey sites representing 20 countries and a large number of ethnic groups and communities across Asia Pacific and Middle East. Every individual is rewarded with $5 on completion of a survey. The reward is in the form of the E-currency of Planet Pulse called ‘Pulses.’ The number of pulses received depends on the length of the survey and it varies from 100 to 500. ‘Pulses’ can be en-cashed (100 pulses=$1) and redeemed for gifts too. For en-cashing it, a qualifier must have a minimum of 2500 pulses.

8. Brand Institute

It is a survey site which focuses upon the products dealing with healthcare and household. This legit paid survey site provides earning opportunities for nurses, pharmacists and doctors and the pay ranges from $10 to $30 or more received by cheque or PayPal. On completion of a survey the money is credited to the participant’s account and each survey lasts for about 20 to 30 minutes.

9. SurveySpot

This is a survey site where the requirement is to fill a few screeners before obtaining a paid survey. In some of the cases a product is sent via UPS and a survey is given a week later. So accordingly, one can use the product, fill survey and even get paid. The mode of payment is via cheques and it ranges from $2 to $20 per survey.

10. SwagBucks

This online survey site is based in Los Angeles and is powered by Prodégéy. On finishing a survey, the participant is rewarded with ‘Swag Points.’ One of the remarkable features is that one can even play online games on this site. Incentives are in the form of cash or gift cards. However, the thing to be kept in mind is that the site pays for a single survey in a day. So, if an individual completes two surveys, the second might be neglected.


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